You scream it and we hear you. Here you got your new limited time offer. In march you can get as a new customer one month hosting for free and after that you only pay 0,50 € per month per MasterNode. Thats no all! We hear you too existing customers

From april you pay also only 0,50 €/month/masternode. Is that a great deal? The show is beginning right here right now. Time to host, with MasterWin Hosting !

The entire MasterWin team wishes the community a Merry Christmas. Our gift to you is that we have increased the MasterWin price by 100%.

We think that’s a reason to celebrate! That’s why we have a unique MasterWin special for you today!
Curious now? You can find all the info below.

Last year, we started our project with our team on 12/19/2019- The idea of a masternode coin called “MasterWin” was born! We are…

Christmas is coming soon, so we would like to get you in the Christmas spirit with our NEW PROMOTION, where you will receive a monthly return of 2.5%! In cooperation with Crex24 you can now start a new investment!

And that is very easy: Follow the link and buy 100–5000 MW Coins. As a thank you for your investment, you will receive a monthly return of 2.5% in the form of MasterWin(MW) coins.

We hope that we can give you a pleasure with this action.

our MasterWin Team

Hello dear and loved MasterWin Community

we are thrilled to announce new partnerships in the making. We will start working with two construction companies in the coming weeks and months. The 2 companies will exchange MasterWin Coins via the PolisPay App to load up their company credit cards. These will be used to buy gas for their company fleet and there’s more to come.

Due to the usage of MasterWin (MW) Coins new capital will be reinvested into MasterWin and we expect the price to rise and stabilize accordingly in the coming months.

Stay tuned, we are constantly working and trying to take the MasterWin project forward.

MasterWin Twitter

MasterWin Discord

MasterWin Website


“The masternode coin with tombola system — BE A WINNER! “

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